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Create a perfect fit for your party wear

It is ideal to have an idea of your body size, shape, and height to get the desirable results once the tailor delivers the dress at your doorstep. Measurements in cloth lines may look similar, but there are many considerations to be taken into account. For any stylish lady, it is best that you purchase a cloth measuring tape for home purposes.

How to take your measurements

Use a cloth measuring tape for the below measurements

HeightIf possible, get help from a friend to measure your height.
Put off your shoes
Make sure that you stand straight with your legs together and measure from the top of your head to the feet.

BustIt is good that you remove any oversize bra in case you are wearing it.
Relax your arms and the body
Get the cloth measuring tape and take the measurement of the fullest size of your bust
Make sure to hold the take from its tip while taking the measurements

The WaistCommonly known as the natural waist, it is found above the navel but below your rib cage
Take the measurement take, relax and measure your waistline.
Note: Don’t tighten the tape (keep it loose) in order to facilitate proper breathing

Hips MeasurementsThe hips are divided into the high and the low hips and both have to be measured.
The High Hip
The high hip is normally situated right below the elbow.
Stand straight take the measurements of the top of your hips
The low hips
They are located just above the Inseam.
Take the tape and measure your hips.

Note: Do not tighten the tape and if possible, take the measurements twice and see the difference. Accuracy is necessary.

Hollow to the floor measurements
Stand straight with your legs together and let the tape from your neck down to your feet.
It is okay if you are wearing shoes

Take note of the measurements of each part as you proceed to other parts.

The above-mentioned parts are crucial for dresses and it will also help you while making your own shopping. Other requirements like the length of the dress with or without shoes may be discussed with your tailor. That is the perfect guide to perfect clothing

How to measure for dresses


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